Lean Lamb Recipes.
45 recipes.
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Bamia (Lamb and Okra Stew)
Barbecued Lamb
Biryani - Chicken, Lamb Or Prawn
Broiled Skewered Lamb
Chunky Lamb Stew
Devilled Kidneys
Fava Bean and Meat Stew
Filo Dough Triangles and Fillings
Grilled Lamb and Potato Salad (warm)
Ground Lamb Appetizers
Haleem (lamb Cooked with Wheat Grains)
Harira Souiria (Lamb and Chicken Soup)
Japanese Skewered Lamb
Kashmir Lamb Stew (Kashmiri Gosht)
Kashmiri Gustaba
Koupepia Stuffed Vine Leaves
Lamb and Cabbage
Lamb and Pumpkin Soup
Lamb and Purslane With Chickpeas
Lamb In A Hot Garlic Sauce
Lamb In Hot Garlic Sauce (Thit Cuu An Voi Xot Toi Ot)
Lamb Kebabs and Tabbouleh
Lamb Or Veal Stew
Lamb Vindaloo
Meat Soup with Rice
Missov Dziran (Armenian Lamb and Apricot Stew)
Mongolian Hot Pot
Moroccan Lamb Stew
Moroccan Merquez Sausages with Orange Olive Salad
New England Lamb Bake
Palak Gosht (Lamb and Spinach)
Parcha Bozbash
Parcha Bozbash - Lamb Soup with Chestnuts, Quince,& Prunes
Patlican Kebabi (Lamb with Eggplants)
Persian Lamb Stew
Rajasthani Spicy Lamb Stew
Rosemary Lamb Pitta with Greek Salad
Sag Goshth
Saute of Lamb with Garlic and Lemon - (Cordero Cochifrito)
Shish Kabobs
Spicy Kabobs
Spicy Lamb Kebabs
Steamed Lamb with Cabbage (Peccena Jagnjetina sa Kupusom)
Stir-Fried Lamb with Mint and Chili