Lamb Neck Recipes.
32 recipes.
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Baked Irish Lamb Stew
Braised Neck of Lamb with Preserved Lemons
Broth (Cawl Marngu) Welsh
Cawl Mamgu (Leek Soup)
Fillet of Lamb with Herbs and Garlic
Granny's Broth - Cawl Marngu
Hairst Bree
Haricot Mutton
Harvest Broth
Irish Stew
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Lamb and Apple Casserole
Lamb and Apple Casserole
Lamb and Apricot Casserole
Lamb Fillet with Butter Beans and Creamy Mustard
Lamb Fillet with Leek Puree and Rosemary Sauce
Lamb Stock
Lamb with A Mint and Rosemary Crust
Lancashire Hot Pot
Manifique Minestrone
Mediterranean Kebabs
Minty Glazed Kebabs
Morrocan Minted Lamb
Navarin of Lamb
Saute of Lamb
Scotch Broth
Scotch Broth
Scotch Broth
Scots Broth
Tarragon Style Lamb with Linguine
Tomato Bredie (Stew)
Welsh Lamb Pie