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Authentic Haggis

1 lb Lean mutton
2 c Oatmeal
4 Onions
1/4 lb Suet
1 pt Liquid
Pepper and salt
Stomach bag of a sheep and the pluck (lights, liver and heart)

Wash the stomach bag in cold water and salt. Boil pluck for 1 1/2 hours, leaving windpipe attached and hanging out of pot in order that impurites may pass out. When cooked and cold cut away windpipe and any skin and gristle adhering to it. Mince the pluck (leaving out some of the lights) along with mutton and suet. Toast oatmeal in the oven, chop onions and herbs (if desired). Put into a bowl the minced ingredients, toasted oatmeal, chopped onions, herbs, salt and pepper. Add about 1 pint of the liquid in which the pluck was boiled and mix all together till of a soft consistency. Take sheep's bag and fil a little more than half full (allow room for the meal to expand). Sew up tightly, prick and tie in cloth. Put into a pan of boiling water with a plate at the bottom and boil for three or four hours. Prick occassionally to prevent bursting.

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