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Broiled Lamb Chops [Large Qty]

50 5-oz lamb chops, rib or loin
1 pt Salad oil (variable)

Broiled lamb chops are an extremely popular entrée on the dinner menu. The chops can be cut from the rib or the loin, but those cut from the rib are more popular because they can be Frenched (the meat and fat is cut away from the end of the rib bone) and thus present a more desirable appearance when served.


Cut the 5 oz lamb chops from trimmed loin or ribs with a French or butcher knife. Cut against the grain of the meat. If using ribs, cut between the rib bones. If using loins, cut until the knife blade hits bone, then chop with a cleaver. Chops may also be cut on a power saw. Rib chops may be Frenched by cutting away all meat and fat from the rib bones with a boning knife.

Pour the salad oil in a baking pan.

Preheat the broiler.


Pass each chop through the salad oil. Place on a hot broiler with the Frenched rib turned away from the heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Brown one side, turn, sticking the fork into the fat, and brown the second side. At all times protect the Frenched rib from the fire. The exposed rib will burn quickly.

Remove from the broiler when the desired degree of doneness is obtained.

Dish up 2 chops per portion. Serve at once with a paper frill on the end of each Frenched chop. Accompany with mint jelly and garnish with watercress.

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