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Cornish Pasty

250 g Chuck steak; diced
Shortcrust pastry; (450g flour)
4 md Potatoes peeled
1 md Onion peeled
125 g Swede; peeled (Turnip can be substituted)
Parsley; roughly chopped
50 g Butter
Salt & Pepper
1 Beaten Egg
4 Lambs Kidneys; diced

Roll out the pastry to about 5mm thick and cut out four 15cm rounds. Cut the potatoes by shaving them, that is, cutting them into fine wafers by constantly turning them to shave off the corners. Put a layer of potatoes in the centre of the pastry round from 2 cm from the top to 2 cm from the bottom. Shaving the Swede in a similar manner, add a layer of Swede. Now a layer of meat and some kidney and season well. Add a few pieces of parsley.

Now shave the Onion like the Potato and Swede and that's the last layer.

Dampen the edges of the pastry and bring up from the sides. Pinch and crimp the pastry edges over the centre from top to bottom giving a rope like effect. Make a hole near the centre and push in a knob of butter. Glaze with beaten egg and put on a greased baking tray. Bake in a pre-heated oven (220 C) for 10 mins, lower the heat to 180 C and continue baking for 30 mins.

Traditionally eaten wrapped in a napkin and consumed from corner to corner. Delicious hot or cold.

In some parts of Cornwall the pastry wrapping is done around the side giving a half moon shape.

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